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Help! I have a tweenager!

Why didn’t anyone tell you that your once teeny-tiny, precious little baby would grow up into a teenager with living, breathing hormones that you need to tame as a parent? You may not QUITE be there yet, but you’re thinking your daughter may be almost to that point of getting her first period?

While the average age today is 12, most girls start to menstruate between ages 10-15 years old. However, each individual has their own schedule, so you should start preparing your tween for what’s to come.

You probably remember when you got your very first period. Your experience with your parents probably ranges the gambit, but I think the majority of women could have been a bit more prepared for this huge change of life. Some girls have absolutely no idea what to expect – especially if they are on the earlier side of things – and their first period comes at complete shock. Now’s your chance as a parent to do it right and offer up your years of wisdom and experience in this arena to prepare your daughter for one of the biggest changes that she’ll go through as a young adult.

Start Talking

First things first – you need to open the lines of communication with your daughter.  This will help create the idea that getting your first period is not this horrible, embarrassing thing that cannot be discussed, but it’s a normal everyday thing that millions of women go through every single day. Heck, even grab your husband, partner or co-parent and get them in on the action. It’s a normal part of life like eating breakfast. 

Review the Basics

Don’t assume that she knows anything at all (even if she’s seen the “video” that they show in schools around this age). Instead, go through the basics. What is menstruation and why do periods even happen? What are the proper anatomy terms for things happening down there?  (We won’t judge if you need a refresher course.) Don’t forget the simple things like how long do periods last? What color is period blood? How often should you change your pad/tampon?

Period Kit

Every girl knows tricks to hiding their tampons or pads so no one sees, but you can make it more discreet for your daughter by putting together a period kit before her big day comes. That's where we come in! Our emergency kit comes in handy for when you think your tween is about to start her periods. This gives her the comfort of knowing that when she does start, shes covered! Why not celebrate her period with the first period kit? she’ll be prepared wherever she goes and can easily grab her kit and head to the bathroom with no one the wiser.

Empower Her

Lastly, remind her that getting her period is a really exciting time in her life. She’s growing and becoming a woman. Essentially, she could become a mother now (that’s a whole other conversation). Don’t focus too much on the negative (bloating, cramps, acne) – getting your period is overwhelming enough! Also, you can remind her for what’s coming up next in her life.

The boobs, the pubic hair, the change in their bodies…Overall, reassure her that again, getting periods are something every single woman in the world gets every single month! It’s totally normal and an important rite of passage.

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