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Teen Tips, Tricks & Hacks
for that time of the month


Did you know that caffeine will make your monthly cramps worse?

That's right!

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor which means it makes the muscles contract 

Did you know that you are born with all the eggs you will ever get? (unlike men who can produce sperm their entire life). 

Women are born with only a certain amount of eggs and that number can be up to millions!


Need a little sweetness during that time of the month? Try some watermelon!

Not only will the natural sugars satisfy your craving for something sweet, but those sugars help to alleviate bloating.

You never want to have a moment where you're unprepared. That's why we recommend using a period tracker as this will help let you know when you need to carry around a spare pad in your bag


If there's anything you learn today, please let it me this.
Do not underestimate the power of sleep when it cones to healthy hormonal regulation & an overall better functioning you.
Sleep is a natural and necessary part of life.
But in todays world, sleep is viewed as something for the weak and in order to be successful we have to work hard and sleep less. Mmm i disagree 🙋🏻‍♀️.
Working hard is without a doubt important, but working smarter is what its all about especially if you want to achieve quality work.
I know i need at least 8 hours of QUALITY sleep to function optimally!

Here's the tea sis ☕ peppermint tea works wonders for you on your period. It is a great mood booster and is known to decrease cramps!


A banana a day keeps the period cramps away.
#didyouknow that bananas contain potassium which aids in muscle relaxation, making cramps a thing of the past!

#didyouknow that vitamin E helps with period cramps?👇🏻
Yep! A study carried out on the effects of vitamin E on PMS symptoms found that women who took vitamin E twice a day had less intense cramps.


#didyouknow that almost half of women crave chocolate at the start of their period 😳. To be honest we thought it would be more! 🍫

#didyouknow that whole grains are great for when you are on your period?

We know you don't want to hear this, but  #didyouknow that you should limit dairy during your time of the month?
Yes that is (unfortunately) correct. Dairy is known to make people bloat and if you're already bloating on your period, its just double trouble!

#didyouknow that Elephants have one of the longest known gestations of any animal. African elephants have a gestation period of 22 months, while Asian elephants have a gestation period of 18-22 months. WHOA! 😳


#didyouknow that when you are on your period, your iron levels are known to take a little bit of a dip? A good way to combat this is to add a bit of kale to your diet during this time of the month!

#didyouknow that tomatoes are great to eat whilst on your period?
Because of their high water content, they aid in reducing bloating. So if you're feeling particularly sluggish and bloaty, try a tomato. 🍅


#didyouknow that almonds are great for when you're on your period? Not only are they heart healthy but they are a great source of fiber! If you're feeling a little bloated, grab a handful!


#Didyouknow that eggs are really good for you whilst on your period? Eggs are packed with protein, iron and essential fatty acids which are all beneficial to have during your time of the month. So get CRACKING!

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