A girls first period gift box DELUXE

A girls first period gift box DELUXE


A Girls First period kit...


Hurray! She got her period.

This is the perfect kit for a girls first period.

It includes the essentials along with little gifts to make any girl feel better, along with lots of information.

They are very age appropriate with options on knickers sizing as we all know periods can start pre teenage years!

Each kit includes -

Sanitary towels

1 pair of knickers

Period tracker

Information pack

1 pair of socks

1 bath pouf/cloth

Lip balm

Hair Ties

Note Pad


Hot Choc Sachet

+ many more gifts (age appropriate)


Gifts may vary in each box including:




Hair ties

Hair clips

Sweet treats

Hot choc sachet


Sleep mask


Warm gel pad (for those cramps)

Compact mirror

Zip case to store sanitary pads